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Last updated: 07/15/20 at 8:30am

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Indy Pass

Join the Indy Pass Revolution!


44 Authentic Resorts | 88 Days of Skiing and Riding | Just $199

The Indy Pass gives snowriders 88 days of riding at 44 independent resorts across the United States and Canada for just $199! All Indy Pass resorts are independent, authentic, small-to-mid-sized resorts and feature excellent terrain, snow quality and amenities. With a roster of less crowded, affordable and welcoming resorts $199, the Indy Pass is by far the best value for a multi-resort pass in North America. Come join the Revolution!

Purchase Yours Here!

Join the Revolution and receive:

- 2 free days at 44 resorts across the U.S. and Canada, including 49 Degress North! 

- 1 additional discounted lift ticket at each Indy Resort after redemption of the Indy Pass is fulfilled

- Discounted kids tickets (12 and under) when redeeming an Indy Pass at participating resorts

- Special offers from participating resorts for lodging, rentals, lessons and more!

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Responsibility Code

Know the code and be safe on the mountain

To have a a fun and successful day on the mountain, it is key to be courteous and use common sense while skiing or riding. 

Be aware that there are inherit risks to snowsports and these risks can be greatly reduced by following the code below. It is your responsibility to know the code!


The Responsibility Code:

  1. Stay in control at all times
  2. People ahead of you have the right of way
  3. Stop only in visible place that is safe for you and others
  4. When starting downhill or merging, look uphill and yield to oncoming traffic
  5. Use devices to prevent runaway equipment
  6. Observe all signs and warning, keep out of closed trails
  7. Know how to ride, load and unload lifts safely before use.


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Contact Us

49 Degrees North Contacts

Main Line: (509) 935-6649

Fax: (509) 935-4218


Snow Conditions Hotline - x1
Ticket Office - x608
Season Pass - x2
Daycare - x618
Marketing - x607
Rental Shop - x620
Ski Patrol - x611
Ski & Snowboard School - x610
Discovery Club - x627
Nordic Center - x610


Mailing Address:

49 Degrees North
P.O. Box 166
3311 Flowery Trail Road
Chewelah, WA 99109


For media inquiries, please email

For donation requests, please fill out and submit THIS FORM


Contact Us Page

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Instructor Recruitment

Interested in the best job ever?

Share your passion of skiing or snowboarding with children and/or adults just getting started in the sport as an instructor at 49° North Mountain Resort. If you have great people skills, love skiing or snowboarding and want to share that passion with others, you’ll be a great instructor. Applicants should be able to ski or snowboard comfortably on green and blue groomed runs – no need to be an expert skier or rider to be a great instructor. If you can commit to being here between 22-30 days this season for training and teaching, then come join our mountain family.


Alison Pasino 
Assistant Director of Ski and Snowboard School


Employee Benefits Include:

- Unlimited Employee Season Pass

- Discounted or FREE dependent passes for spouse/domestic partner and dependents 18 years and younger

- Discounts at our Cafe & Alpine retail shop

- Exchange letters to ski/ride at other resorts free of charge

- Access to Instructor Locker/Storage room


Already have your 49 Degrees North Pass?

Once you've completed on-snow training and have become an official employee, receive a full refund on your pass!


What becoming an Instructor means

On any given operating day, our Ski & Snowboard School has students of all ages and ability levels ready to learn. All instructors will be able to teach in all age categories, from 4 year old private lessons, to adult group lessons.

Learn more about what 49 Degrees North Ski and Snowboard School offers here!

Learn about the world of Instructing here!


Ready to get started?

For First Year/Non-experienced instructors:

- Complete the PSIA-AASI New Instructor Course - See it Here
- Complete 5 days of indoor and on-snow specialized training
- Complete instructor evaluation & lesson observation

Once you have passed all the milestones, you will be eligible to be hired as a Ski or Snowboard instructor at 49 Degrees North!

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Terrain Park

49 Degrees North has two designated terrain parks during the winter season.

The Silver Ridge Park is located underneath the top of Chair 5. This park has several rails, boxes and jumps and is open to the public.

Our main Terrain Park is located under Chair 1 on Tamarack and is visible from the main lodge. This terrain park has many features and is updated regularly by our dedicated park crew. 

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Primetimers Club

Hello Primetimers!

The Primetimers club is for those 55 and up who are looking for a fun group to enjoy the winter with! Come ski and enjoy weekly gatherings with fellow ski enthusiasts all season long. The Primetimer Club meets on Tuesday during the winter season for appetizers and a monthly luncheon. 

Appetizers are $4 per person and the luncheon is included in the membership fee. Primetimer members are welcome to bring guests, appetizers are $4 per guest and luncheons are $8 per guest.


Primetimer Membership Information
Membership Fee - $20

Benefits include:  Monthly luncheon every 3rd Tuesday, weekly gathering with appetizers and bar discounts, Annual Regional Prime Time event admittance.

Purchase your 2020-2021 Primetimer Membership here

*please note, the Primetimer membership is no longer included in the Senior (Primetimer's) Season Pass. A Season Pass is not required to purchase a Primetimer membership. You may either purchase online, in person or over the phone (509) 935-6649 x608.



Primetimer Club

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Repair Shop

Welcome to the Repair Shop! Located in the same space as our Rental Shop, certified technicians are ready to get your gear ready for the mountain. See pricing and services below, please call the Repair Shop at (509) 935-6649 x620 with questions or specific requests.

Repair Shop Pricing:
Binding Work
- Binding Adjustment - $20
(test & adjustment)
- Binding Mount - $30
(mounting new skis/binding, test & adjustment)
- Binding remount - $40
(redrill, plug holes, mount, test & adjustment)

- Hot Wax - $12
(hand iron, scrape & brush)
- Basic Tune - $25
(machine edges & hot wax)
- Performance Tune - $35
(machine grind, hand tune edges, minor base repair & hot wax)
- Mega Tune - $49+
(base repair, basic tune + additional work needed)


Repair Shop

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Tree Well Safety

Deep Snow Safety


A tree well/ snow immersion suffocation accident can happen when a skier or snowboarder falls – usually headfirst – into a tree well or deep loose snow and becomes immobilized and trapped under the snow and suffocates.

In an inverted position you can become trapped under the snow. Breathing becomes difficult as the loose snow packs in around you. Without immediate help from your partner, you may suffocate. Prevention of falling into a tree well or areas of deep snow is all-important because the odds of surviving deep snow immersion are low.

90% of people involved in Tree Well/ SIS hazard research experiments could NOT rescue themselves. If a partner is not there for immediate rescue, the skier or rider may die very quickly from suffocation - in many cases, he or she can die as quickly as someone can drown in water.



A tree well is a void or depression that forms around the base of a tree can and contain a mix of low hanging branches, loose snow and air. Evergreen trees in particular (fir, hemlock, etc) can have large, deep tree wells that form when low hanging branches block snow from filling in and consolidating around the base of the tree. These voids can be hidden from view by the tree’s low hanging branches.

There is no easy way to identify if a particular tree has a dangerous tree well by sight therefore, treat all tree wells as dangerous.

In simple terms, a tree well is a hole or void in the deep snow, which is clearly marked by a tree. You can easily identify and avoid these areas.



Yell or use whistle to get your partners attention.

Do whatever you can to keep your head above the surface of the snow including rolling, grabbing tree branches or the tree trunk. If possible, keep your feet below level of your head.

If you become immersed, make a space around your face and protect your airway – resist the urge to struggle, it could compromise your airspace and entrap you further.

Stay calm to conserve air.

Trust your partner is on their way.

If possible, use your cell phone to call ski patrol or the resort's emergency number.

Deep snow and tree well safety information

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Mountain Safety

Be safe on the mountain!

- Avoid skiing or riding yourself into shape. You will enjoy the sport more if you are physically fit.
- Drink plenty of water; be careful not to become dehydrated. 
- Wear your hats and gloves. Consider mittens if your hands get cold easily.
- Bring sun protection with you; 15 sunscreen and a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes. 
- Know your limits. Stop before you become fatigued. 

Be sure to have your ski or snowboard bindings adjusted correctly at a local ski shop.  You can rent high quality ski or snowboard equipment from the rental shop at 49.  Take lessons. Like any activity, you will improve with practice and guidance.  49 offers an excellent ski school with certified instructors. Winter clothing, sun protection and sun glasses may be purchased from the Alpine Shop inside the lodge.

Boundary Policy
Skiers and snowboarders wishing to go outside of marked area boundaries do so at their own risk. Areas outside of marked boundaries are not patrolled. Unmarked hazards of all types exist. Search and rescue operations may be authorized and conducted by Stevens County Sheriff's Department. You or your heirs will be financially responsible for this service.

Any person skiing or riding outside the confines of trails or runs open for skiing and snowboarding within the ski area boundary shall be responsible for any injuries or losses resulting from his or her actions.

Drone Policy
Drones or model aircraft use by guests, commercial operators or the media is prohibited without prior written approval of 49° North Mountain Resort.

Trail Map Markings
Skiers and riders should be advised A green circle, blue square or Black Diamond trail at one ski area is not necessarily the same as a similarly rated trail at another ski area. Skiers and riders should work their way up, beginning with the easiest trails, no matter what their ability level may be, until they are familiar with the trails at that ski area.

Weather Hazards
FROSTBITE is the most common injury involved in Snowsports. Frostnip is a precursor to frostbite. Watch for these warning signs - mild tingling or pain followed by numbness, gray or yellowish patches of sking (especially nose, ear, face, fingers and toes.)

Have someone else check your face and ears if you are unable to. If frostnip symptoms are detected. Please come see one of our patrollers right away!

Factors that heighten the risk of Frostnip or Frostbite
• Hypothermia
• Alcohol
• Smoking
• Immobility, injury or illness
• Fatigue or Apathy
• Previous Frostbite Injury
• Wet Skin
• Tight Boots, Gloves, or Clothing

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Park Smart

Terrain Park Safety

Smart Style is about all safety and having the knowledge to enjoy your freedom and the freestyle terrain. Park Smart reinforces five important points for the use of freestyle terrain.

Don’t get in the backseat
Control your speed
Land on your feet

Park Smart

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Snowmobile Guidelines

Please Note: Snowmobiles are not permitted within Ski Boundaries while 49 Degrees North is operating

Snowmobiles Rules of Use:
*No snowmobiles while 49 Degrees North is operating for the season

  1. No snowmobiles allowed until after closing day of the season
  2. Allowed during daylight hours on weekends only
  3. Limit weekday snowmobile use to the hours between 4:00pm and dusk, after maintenance crews on the mountain are done for the day
  4. Only unload/load snowmobiles at the west end of the main parking area, access to the ski runs using the road between Lifts 2 and 3
  5. Limited parking only at end of Nelson Creek Road. No trailers allowed, no loading/unloading snowmobiles. Do not block any roads
  6. Pack out garbage
  7. Slow down for Skiers
  8. Do not ride on areas clear of snow, plowed roads, dirt/grass or bare patches or parking lots (except at the west end of the main parking lot at load/unload area)
  9. All snowmobile usage is Ride at your Own Risk

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Ski Rental Packages

Ski Rental Information


Rental Package
Age         Full Day   Half Day
18+            $38           $32
7-17           $35           $29
6 & under   $20           $18

Ski Boots Only
Age         Full Day   Half Day
18+            $33           $27
7-17           $33           $24
6 & under   $16           $12

Skis Only
Age         Full Day   Half Day
18+            $32           $25
7-17           $29           $22
6 & under   $16           $12

High Performance Demo Skis (Rossignol & Sneva Demos)
                           Full Day   Half Day
Rental Package     $52           $45
Skis Only               $45           $38

Rental Insurance - $4
Poles Only - $11
Helmet Only - $14

Ski Rental Packages

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Snowboard Rental Packages

Snowboard Rental Pricing

Rental Package
Age         Full Day   Half Day
18+            $38           $32
7-17           $35           $29
6 & under   $20           $18

Snowboard Boots Only
Age         Full Day   Half Day
18+            $25           $20
7-17           $20           $15
6 & under   $14           $9

Snowboard Only
Age         Full Day   Half Day
18+            $28           $20
7-17           $22           $15
6 & under   $16           $12

Rental Insurance - $4
Helmet Only - $14

Snowboard Rental Packages

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We’re excited to announce that Snowledge is the official app of 49 Degrees North! Snowledge is the only app you need on the mountain, and it’s free. Use GPS to get real-time resort info, track your day on the slopes, and easily find and locate your friends and family. Snowledge is Powder!

Things you can do with Snowledge:
- View current snow conditions, operations updates, offers, and current contests at 49 Degrees North.
- Stay connected with friends, family, and the 49 Degrees North community, and see what skiers and riders around the world are up to.
- Find your friends on the mountain and track your day with stats, recorded weather, and maps showing runs skied.
- Customize your profile, bio, and gallery, and view detailed activity summaries of your   days skied.
- Get lift status updates, conditions, and parking information, as well as offers and  contests from 49 Degrees North. 

Download the app and "Favorite" 49 Degrees North to get connected! Find it in the App Store or Google Play to download.


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49 Ski Patrol Recruitment

Interested in joining the National Ski Patrol at 49 Degrees North? 49 Degrees North Ski Patrol is currently recruiting!


What to do this winter: 

- Contact 49 Degrees North Ski Patrol
Gary Deaver -
Pat Estes -
John Huffstutter - ‎

- Fill out an Application

- Participate in On-Snow Screening & Job Shadowing


Outdoor Emergency Care Class (OEC) - Sep. 10th, 2020 - Nov. 2020

*Participants must be 15 years old to qualify

Become a Ski Patroller

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Season Pass Information

Season Pass FAQ's

49 Degrees North Deferment Policy          Purchase Your Season Pass Here

Picking up your 2020-2021 Season Pass
More details of pass pickup dates and timeline will be coming soon. Please call the Ticket Office at (509) 935-6649 x608 if you have questions.

**Passes must be paid in full before they can be issued.

Pass Ages and Categories
Age categories for all passes are decided on pass recipients age as of December 31st, 2020. Age 0-6 are 6 & Under. Ages 7-17 are Youth. Ages 18-23 are Young Adult. Ages 24-61 are Adult. Ages 62-69 are Senior. Ages 70-79 are Super Senior. In order to qualify for the College pass, you must show proof that you are attending college, with a minimum of 6 credits. In order to qualify for the Military pass, you must show Active, Ready Reserve, or Inactive Ready Reserve Military ID.

Half Payment Opt-In
You may opt-in to the half payment option when purchasing your 2020-2021 Season Pass in person or online. Please note, passes cannot be printed/picked up unless they are paid in full. To opt in online, please check the box on the lower right hand corner will completing your purchase.

Combo Passes with Silver Mountain Resort
We have partnered with Silver Mountain to offer 2020-2021 Combo Passes! All passes will be reissued Fall of 2020, Combo Passes will be one pass that will scan and provide full access to both resorts. More information about updated season pass processing will be coming soon. Please note, that due to Silver Mountain Policy, 6 & Under combo passes are only valid when purchased along with an adult Silver Mountain Pass or adult combo pass. Please see Silver Mountain's website for more information.

Primetimer Club at 49 Degrees North
The Primetimer membership is no longer included in the Senior (Primetimer's) Season Pass. A Season Pass is not required to purchase a Primetimer membership. You may purchase your membership online here, in person or over the phone at (509) 935-6649. See more information about the Primetimer Club here.


Season Pass Frequently Asked Questions

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Season Pass Transfers, Refunds & Deferment

A 49 Degrees North Season Pass offers unlimited access to winter activities at a great price. However, there is some risk involved as there is no guarantee that winter will be what we expect. 49 Degrees North makes no guarantees in respect to the length of winter season operations. 49 Degrees North, at its sole discretion, will determine the length of the season, operating days and number of lifts operating any day and time. These decisions will be based on snow conditions, weather, maintenance and other variables.

Season Pass Deferment Policy

All 2020-2021 passes can be deferred to 2021-2022 with no fee, no questions asked. Deferment requests must be received between 10/15/20 and 12/1/20.

Deferment must be requested between 10/15/20 and 12/1/20. Deferred 2020-2021 passes will be rolled over to the 2021-2022 winter season with no fee. All season pass sales are final and no cash refunds will be given. To request a deferment on your pass, please call (509) 935-6649 or email between 10/15/20 and 12/1/20.


Transferring your pass to someone else: If you are unable to use your pass, you MAY be eligible to transfer your pass to another person. Transfers will be considered only if you have a medical emergency or relocation for employment. Transfer requests must be received by December 1st of the season your pass is valid. If the pass has already been issued/printed, the transfer option is not available. Please fill out this FORM with your transfer request, and include documentation from your primary care physician or employer. For more information, please call (509) 935-6649.

Season Pass Refund Policy

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Stay Cool Working in the Mountains this Summer - 2020 Summer Employment

6/29/20 - VEHICLE MECHANIC WANTED. Previous experience required. Job includes maintaining and repairing pickup trucks, heavy equipment, on-snow vehicles (groomers, snow mobiles, etc), off road vehicles, and auxiliary power units. Hydrostatic drive experience recommended. Snow cat experience is preferred, but not required. Wage dependent on experience. Please submit your application, with resume and references to Call (509) 935-6649 x0 for more info. Download and print application here - 2020 Employment Application


Winter Employment Information - Details of positions and job fair date will be available in the fall.

Why work at 49 Degrees North? Enjoy a wonderful and friendly atmosphere with scenic views, excellent snow, and much more! Winter seasonal work at 49 Degrees North is unique experience, perfect for those seeking full time work or just some time on the weekends. All employees are eligible for a discounted season pass, as well as other discounts around the mountain. 

Winter seasonal employees can also take part in the Ski Exchange Programs, which allows you to ski or ride at participating resorts at a fraction of the cost. Keep in mind, the mountain environment can range from blizzards to warm sunshine, so reliable transportation and the correct gear for the job is very important.


For more information, please email or call Heather at (509) 935-6649 x0

2020 Employment Application

Employment at 49 Degrees North

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COVID-19 Public Notice - 49 Degrees North

Update - April 6th, 11:45am

In accordance with the Washington State "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" extension, 49 Degrees is now closed for the season. Unfortunately, this means operations will not resume this spring. We appreciate you all so very much, and want to thank you for being part of another season with us. Despite the obstacles we have all faced, we were able to operate all but approximately 13 calendared days, and we grateful to have shared so many great days with all of you this season.

Uphill traffic will continue to be available to those interested. Please use caution as the lodge will be closed, there will be no Ski Patrol, and we may have equipment working out on the mountain. The outdoor restrooms at the lodge will remain unlocked. At this time there will be no snowmobile use allowed within the resort area. Overnight RV Parking and Camping will not be permitted on site for the time being. 

Stay in touch with us on social media, stay healthy and we'll see you again soon.


See more information on the CDC website - 

Please reach out to us via email at or via phone (509) 935-6649 if you have any questions.

Pubic Notice - COVID-19